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Balham Craft fair - 25 March 2012

I haven't written for some time on this blog part of the website, mainly because it's so hard to find the time, the energy and to be honest the words! But I thought that I'd post the story of how I came to organise a craft fair in my local area. Maybe it will inspire others to do the same.

I've been finding it really hard to make a voice for my craft business on the internet alone. There's no subsitute for enabling potential customers to see your goods. No matter how good your photos are, it just doesn't convey the feel, the fabric or the essence of what you've worked so hard to make. So, in an effort to get out there a bit more I've been looking for craft fairs to attend. They're so few and far between in London! Most craft fairs are huge affairs at Christmas time or Easter and they can cost upwards of £300-£800 for a table, for a small business owner like me this is just completely unfeasible. After looking around London for a while and feeling increasingly frustrated, I realized that perhaps I could organise my own craft fair!

So, being very brave, I contacted my local pub. The reason for contacting the Balham Bowls Club was that they already host a very successful vintage fair and I thought it might be worth asking them if they'd like to try a craft fair for a bit of variety. To my complete amazement, they said yes, gave me a room and a date and told me to get on with it!

Skip to several weeks later, I have managed to get 10 tables organised with crafters and designers from S London. To my surprise, it wasn't that hard, in fact in the end I had a waiting list! I designed some artwork for advertising. I've had flyers printed up, posters done and next week they'll start appearing in local shops.

So, here's hoping it's a good event. It'd be great to see you on the day if you're in the area!


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